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<p>After a lengthy, old soft launch the highly anticipated Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will be coming to mobile later this month.</p><p>Rather than the card-collector FIFA's mobile titles have turned into, PES 2017 will be bringing us a fairly close replica to the console version...but, y'know, more pocket-sized.</p><p>With local/online matches, training, practice matches, campaigns, agents, advertising - the lot - it looks like PES 2017 could be the football game fans have been waiting for.</p><p>As it has been a rather long soft-launch, the hopes are that the game will have been played to death, reported on, and improved to bring players the best experience possible, but it's hard to please everyone.</p><p>If you fancy checking out more information on the game, or if you'd like to pre-register on iOS/Android, head over to Konami's official website here. There's no specific date for the release just yet, but we know it'll be late May.</p>.

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