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<p>If you're a fan of The Quest then you'll probably be pretty stoked to know that The Quest: Thor's Hammer has launched on Android.</p><p>The Quest: Thor's Hammer is an expansion of the popular old-school RPG The Quest. Designed mainly for low level characters, it's suggested that you make a new one to get the most out of it, and then you're free to explore the new adventures and areas that await.</p><p>Cooler still, the expansion works as a standalone game as well as an add-on, so you don't necessarily need to own The Quest - though, I recommend you do get it eventually. If you've got the full monty, nip down to Matras Harbour and chat to Captain Verra. You'll be able to select 'Thor's Hammer' from there.</p><p>Grab the game for £2.49 on Google Play now. It should be coming to iOS soon, so we'll keep you posted.</p>.

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