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<p>Psssst. Hey, psssst. Have you heard? Tonight, live from 5pm UK time, everyone's favourite Twitch stream king, James Gilmour, is going to be playing Scythe: Digital Edition for your viewing pleasure.</p><p>Now, we don't want the word getting out to any uncool people who might not be cool, which is why we're only telling you. You can tell your friends though, so long as they're as awesome as you are. Hell, tell them if they're not actually. Tell them if they suck. The more the merrier.</p><p>If you don't know what Scythe is, then here's a primer - it's a strategic board game adaptation set in a steampunk past where World War One has raged into the 20s. There's resource gathering, giant robots, and plenty more for you to sink your teeth into.</p>.

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