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<p>As the title suggests, Cats in Space Suits features a cat in space.</p><p>It's there because some mean aliens have stolen its toys for some unknown purpose and he wants them back. Obviously.</p><p>So you'll fly out into the stars and use the space cat-apult (get it?) to fire the cat between space stations.</p><p>You'll have to use the natural gravitational pull of nearby planets to help steer you on course so you could say it's kind of a more puzzle-y Angry Birds.</p><p>Later on you'll unlock jetpacks and rockets to help you navigate the tougher courses, which include moving planets, enemy space ships, and nebulas. Yikes!</p><p>If you like what you've read so far, you can help Cats in Space Suits become a reality by pledging in the Kickstarter.</p>.

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