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<p>Touched by Grace and Plug In Digital have released a digital adaptation of the board game The Tree today for iOS, Android and Steam as a premium title. The physical version of the board game was created by Simon Harvard and published by Asyncron before being digitised for mobile devices.&nbsp;</p><p>The Tree is a strategy game that apparently the whole family &ndash; so long as everyone is over 10 years old - can enjoy where each player takes on the role of a guardian spirit tasked with protecting a magical tree. There are four different trees in the game that are inspired by popular folklore from around the world including Broc&eacute;liandre forest, Native Americans, Vikings and Medieval Japan.</p>Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity review - "A breathless and wild button-masher"<p>Each player will have a series of cards and guardian spirits to play that can either help their own tree grow or slow down the progress of the others. According to the developers, it will be integral to your success to use each of these cards at the correct time.</p>.

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